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SGT ensemble member David Dastmalchian is the writer and star of the new film ANIMALS.  The film opens for a limited release at the Gene Siskel Film Center May 22nd.










ANIMALS (filmed here in Chicago) tells the story of a young couple that exist somewhere between homelessness and the fantasy life they imagine for themselves. Though they masterfully con and steal in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their addiction, they are ultimately forced to face the reality of their situation.

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SGT ensemble member and playwright of The Whaleship Essex on set with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg:


SGT ensemble member Joe Sikora set to co-star in new Starz series, POWER.








Joseph Sikora will co-star opposite Omari Hardwick in the upcoming original drama series Power, executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and created/exec produced and ran by Courtney Kemp Agboh.

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SGT ensemble member Joe Sikora set to co-star in new Starz series, POWER.

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The reviews are in for HER NAKED SKIN and we’ve got them here. See what the critics are saying about SGT’s current production and then let us know what you think of the show!


Featured Reviews

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Chicago on the Aisle[/tabtext] [tabtext]Chicago Theater Beat[/tabtext][tabtext]Chicago Stage Style[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]”… “Her Naked Skin” presses a large cast of characters – jailers, doctors, MPs, demonstrators – into the small performing space at Stage 773. That compression intensifies the hurly-burly in the streets and brings us heart to heart with intimacy. Andrew Hildner’s multilevel set well serves both extremes, and Lindsay Schmeling’s period costumes — blooming undergarments everywhere — put a flavorful stamp on the scene. Not least, to each soul in this cross-section of life in time of foment, Shattered Globe’s company gives a distinctive face and bearing.” – Lawrence B. Johnson

Read full review[/tab] [tab]Her Naked Skin is as much an exploration of relationships as it is of the women’s suffrage movement in England, with Celia and Eve’s connection, and Celia and William’s connection at the forefront of this exploration. Supporting the principals are a capable cast which includes Maya Friedler as Mrs. Shliefke, the elder suffragette in the group, Jesse Thurstonas Guard/MP, and Drew Schad as Edward Grey/Dr. Vale. – Scotty Zacher

Read full review[/tab][tab]”…“Her Naked Skin” pays deep homage to the martyrs of forced feeding and the militant feminists who practiced sharp shooting in Epping Forest (just in case). Like Dame Edith Smythe’s magnificent suffragette anthem, Melissa Riemer remains stalwart in action as a principled proponent of sexual equality. Roger Smart’s brilliant 18-member ensemble conjure up the pre-World War I agitation that only that war could quiet and finally reward. A superbly chosen cast offer a cross-section of English society at a major crossroads, with a carping chorus of male bullies in Parliament a stark contrast to the quiet conviction of the striking (in every way) suffragettes.” – Lawrence Bommer

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Other Reviews

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