Shattered Globe Theatre’s Land Acknowledgement

It is both new and extremely important to us at Shattered Globe to lead with stories from historically marginalized communities in our productions. We would like to acknowledge the space we are taking is on stolen and exploited land and invite our audiences to join us in considering how to best use our time and resources to dismantle both new and historic systems of oppression.

The performance and rehearsal spaces for Shattered Globe are in Chicago, Illinois, which is the homeland of the Council of the Three Fires: the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations, as well as the Myaamia (or Miami), Hoocąk (or Ho-Chunk), Menominee, Sauk and Meskwaki (or Fox) Peoples. Additionally, this land has been a site of trade, travel, gathering, and healing for countless Indigenous Nations since time immemorial.

A succession of treaties from 1795 to 1833 forcibly removed Indigenous people from Chicago, including the Treaty of St. Louis which ceded the land that Theater Wit sits on today.

While there are currently no federally recognized tribes in the state of Illinois, Chicago remains home to one of the largest and most diverse urban Indigenous communities in the United States. Members of this community continue to contribute to the life of this city, celebrate their heritage, practice traditions, and care for the land and waterways.

We encourage you to join us in learning this history and advocating for the inherent sovereignty of Indigenous people in Chicago and across the globe.

Black Labor Acknowledgement

We additionally acknowledge that the United States was built at the expense of enslaved Black Africans. Following the 13th amendment and the abolition of slavery, these injustices continue within the prison-industrial complex, and we acknowledge the systemic racism that pervades Chicago and the greater theater community. We encourage our audiences to join us in advocating for reparations from the US government and to live and work as active anti-racist advocates and co-conspirators.

Additional Resources

See below for a map of Chicago by Decolonial Atlas with Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe Language) names for the spaces we currently occupy (The red marker shows Theater Wit’s location on the map).

You can also watch this Tik Tok from an Anishinaabe and 2spirit creator for pronunciations of the names of the Great Lakes in Anishinaabemowin. Please note that this is not the only Indigenous language of the region, but it is a great starting tool in decolonizing our relationship with this land.

If you are associated with an organization or would like to share resources that you believe should be included on this list, please fill out our contact form!

Visit our social media pages to see the work of local Black and Indigenous artists that we amplify and support. 

Visit our transparency page to see updates about our anti-racism work at Shattered Globe.