January 14-February 27


by Rajiv Joseph

Directed by Devon de Mayo

Following its hit revival of MARVIN’S ROOM, Shattered Globe continues its 25th anniversary season with Pulitzer Prize finalist Rajiv Joseph’s uncommon love story ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER.

Animals Out of Paper is an uncommon love story from acclaimed playwright Rajiv Joseph, Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. Andy, a calculus teacher and avid fan, pressures a reclusive Ilana, a world famous origami artist, into becoming an unwitting mentor to a troubled teenage prodigy, Suresh. These three intriguingly flawed characters begin to reshape and mold each other’s lives in much the same way they fold and crease their origami art. The New York Times wrote: “Mr. Joseph’s observant, pitch-perfect script seems modest at first but is really quite ambitious, dealing ruthlessly…with the fragility of happiness, the tragedy of impulsiveness and the tenuousness of hope.”


FEATURING SGT Ensemble Members Cortney McKenna (Happy Now?) and Joseph Wiens (The Whaleship Essex, Other People’s Money, Orpheus Descending), as well as guest artist Awate Serequeberhan.



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